Bonjourno everyone who is reading this and props to those who got that reference. Thanks for clicking on the link I posted on Facebook and actually caring about what I do in another country. This is my official travel blog and the primary medium I will use to let all of you live vicariously through my (hopefully) incredible, life changing experience. So again, Merci. It means quiet a deal if you actually take time out of your day to read my updates. 

My overall plan for this blog is to, yes, give a roundup of my day, but more so to give quick posts about a awkward story, a random thought, or an interesting event. I hope to do this with sporadic posts throughout my trip as events/thoughts occur but that is all dependent on my access to A. my computer and B. wifi. But as of right now I have a computer and wifi in my apartment so I guess it will actually be dependent on C. how much time I have to write. Soooo, please fasten your seatbelt because its gonna get crazy.

P.S. I want to expand my vocabulary currently so everyday of posting will bring a new word in my writing. A pat on the back to those who can figure it out what word it is. I would give you an actual monetary incentive (Stephen) but it will probably stick out like a sore thumb. Oh well.