Hello Everyone. I’m just gonna list a bunch of random thoughts that popped into my head so far on my travels. This may end up like a live tweet session but oh well. Hopefully you aren’t one of those sticks in the mud who hate when people use hash tags not on twitter because, frankly, you’re no fun.

-(While in the Amsterdam Airport Peeing) Oh hey, that is a woman cleaning the bathroom #WelcomeToEurope #CultureShockVirginityGone

-I thought this was suppose to be our orientation, not a lecture. #FallingAsleep #1HourOfSleepOver30Hours

-Nobody here waves back to as you run by them #HatersGonnaHate

-Carb overload diet is in full force #SorryAtkiens

-Officially Getting addicted to RedBull #SorryImNotSorry

-(This happens all the time btw) Please, for the love of all things holy know English #USAUSAUSA

-It is gonna take awhile to get use to these Unisex bathrooms

-I am disheartened I can no longer engage in one of my favorite pastimes #NotBaseball #ReadingBathroomGraffiti #StupidLanguageBarrier

-Oh My Jetlag