If  a genie came to me and said you can have one type of car in the whole wide world what would you have, my answer would be a Mercedes Benz. The look along with the  dignified tradition makes it my favorite brand of automobile.  (Dad I know your reading this, sooooooo)

Luckily, or unluckily if you will, literally every other car you see is a Mercedes Benz. From regular cars, to taxis, to semi trucks, to tour busses, and to public busses, literally every other car is a Benzo. Its almost ridiculous how prevalent they are in Brussels, almost like they are just any other car. On the MSU campus though, it is an absolute pipe dream to see anyone other than an Asian driving a Mercedes. I don’t know if it is my automobile valhalla or rather the devil’s temptation. Oh well, its pretty damn cool none the less.

I just wish I could take one home with me. Hell, I’d even take a public bus Mercedes Benz.