Sup ladies and gentlemen,

As you most likely already know, I use the CATA bus system quiet a bit. And no, I’m not talking about the MSU CATA from Case to Berkey. Im talking like the number 1 to downtown and then the number 3 to my side of town. Yeah, that CATA. I know the ins and outs of that system, and as far as American bus systems go that is one of the most clean, efficient, and effective I have ever used. With that being said though, it pales in comparison to the public transport system in Brussels. With  bus, tram, and metro systems, no part of this massive city is too far away. It is amazing and startling how far ahead Europe’s public transport is ahead of Americas.

My apartment is roughly a 15 minute walk from the university but with the public transport here I can either take a tram or a bus and cut that 15 minute walk into a 7 minute sit. Say I need to go downtown to buy fashionable suits…10 minute bus ride. Say I want to go visit the European Union…10 minutes on the bus and 10 on the metro. I can go anywhere in the city and never have to walk further than a quarter mile. Also, all three of types of transport come thru with such a high frequency you are never waiting at the stop more than a few minutes. And to cap it off the vehicles are always clean and usually my favorite type of brand. If you don’t automatically know what that is you need to read this blog more. 

Oh and since I named this post “Why I Love Europe” combined with the fact I am already on the topic of transportation, I believe I have a perfect segue to talk about my favorite type of transportation. No thats not a pun (If the joke is over you its over you)  because I want to talk about MOPEDS! Brussels, and Europe in general for that matter, is a moped Valhalla. You are literally allowed at a red light to pass all stopped cars and continue to front of the group. You can park your moped anywhere and because all the speed limits within the city are around 50kmph you always keep up with traffic. Finally, I saw a Pizza Hut with a fleet of mopeds with large trunks on back used for delivering pizzas. Sorry Mom and Day, I’m dropping out of school because I found my life’s calling.