Before I say hello I want to answer the question on your mind. Yes, this title is in reference to the 2pac song. So now that that is all cleared up, Bonjour!

I just finished up my 2nd week of classes and am looking forward to exploring the famous city of Amsterdam this weekend (Remarkably I have made friends so I will not be flying only child for this voyage). But before I depart I wanted to write a reflective post on view point changes to me thus far on my adventure. My reasons are two fold: One, to help myself comprehend them better. This is as much for me as it is you. Secondly, as I alluded to in the previous sentence I want you to know what I am experiencing inside of my own head. Everyone I talk to always says study abroad is a life changing experience which I fully agree with, but what has changed/ what will is always the question in my head. It never seems to be a loquacious point, rather one quickly skimmed over. So get ready to dive into my head for a short while.

-I have quickly become a Euroskeptic. Diving into the the inner workings of the European Union I have realized this experiment will never reach the climax of the a United States of Europe. My views haven’t changed from that this is what I would like to see happen but I don’t see it ever being plausible with the way the world operates. Sovereignty is far too important to countries for them to relinquish it which is evident in high politic powers still being under national governments jurisdiction. 

-Public policy is starting to intrigue me as a future career. I have always known policy is important but I realize now it dictates how we live our lives from the food we eat to the type of transportation we use to take two simple examples. Becoming enlightened to this fact now makes pursuing policy as an internship field for next summer is now on the table because I am just starting to scrap the surface of a deep, intricate field. Doing something meaningful with my degree is important to me and this may be an avenue for that. 

-On a lighter night, my perspective of change has changed. (Man, I crack myself up writing this stuff). Within the monetary system of the Euro there are a total of 8 different coins. There are (Deep Breath) a 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 Euro, and 2 Euro coins. As a fellow red blooded American, yes that is insane. In America if I drop a coin I honestly have to ask myself “Do I really want to exasperate myself by picking that up?” Also, whenever I get coins instead of bills in America I am disappointed. Here though practically all you get is change with that 2 Euro piece being in existence. I know have come to know and respect coins as just as important to bills. Ludicrous, I know but a change in my life none the less. I feel like an old lady digging through her purse to get that 87 cents to pay for her $9.87 purchase but now I have no shame when I do it. 

That’s all for now but I still have another month which I sure will have even more of an effect on my life than already.

Oh and yes to answer your follow up question, I was listening to 2pac this entire time.