Guten Tag my faithful readers,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while as I’m sure you have been waiting on pins and needles for the next installment of my Epic. Two things have occupied the majority of my time. One is the rigors of school and actually being a studious individual, but the other, and the far more important, was my trip to Munich, Germany.

I was frantically searching for an adventure to whisk me away from school and whatnot and I came upon traveling to Munich after two previous trips fell through, and I am ever grateful in retrospect that they did. Munich was incredible, breathtaking, awesome, exquisite, unfathomable, mind blowing, etc. etc. etc. I ended up taking this trip because a) I had a friend from school I could visit for a bit on Sunday and b) I have total only child syndrome and can go anywhere by myself and stay entertained. After a quick thought to Taken and the risks involved I decided I probably didn’t fit the bill for sex traffickers. So Luke’s Stories went to Munich.

I awoke at 445 on saturday morning for a 6 hour train ride that left at 625. That may seem like a daunting journey but it allowed me to see gorgeous European countryside along with an opportunity to catch up on all the readings for classes. I arrived in Munich Hauptbonhauf at 1 and immediately it set in that I was in a country I had wanted to visit since 8th grade. Everything was surreal. I was in such a daze that I accidentally picked up a map of Munich in Spanish. Obviously I didn’t realize this until it was too late but I made due. I checked into my Hostel first and then after that it was time to explore. I had 25 hours to see as much of a giant city as humanly possible.

Here is a MapMyRun creation of my general path on Saturday. I took the metro (Which can I say was even better than Brussels) to the far away places but everything else I walked to. I’d say in all I walked about 12-15 miles. And obviously because I like to look really really good I wore nice dress shoes. I think I broke my foot. Whoops.

I’ll just give a quick overview so I don’t bore you with minuscule details. I walked aimlessly at first as I was still mesmerized by being in Germany. I eventually got regained control of my conscious and made my way to the Marienplatz, which is essentially the center of the city. This is where the Glockenspiel is located, and because I was born in the good ol city of SagNasty I had my copious opportunities to view the Frankenmuth Glockenspiel as a small child. It was mind bottling to think I was actually in the place where it was modeled after. After having delicious German Meatloaf I made my way out to the BMW factory. As I stated in an earlier post I love Mercedes Benzes, but if those are #1 BMWs are 1a. I see GM plants (and the ugly remains unfortunately) everyday in Lansing and they have absolutely nothing on this plant whatsoever. After this I made my way to the Olympicpark which is the remnants of the 72 Munich Olympics. It was amazing how populated this area was. From people playing soccer to people simply sunbathing this area was hopping and still being utilized. If I needed any more things to excite me for the London games this definitely did the trick. I made my way back to the city center and then hopped onto a metro out to Allianz Arena which plays home to Bayern Munich Football Club. Unfortunately I was too late for the tour that I had heard excellent things about but just walking around the outside got my soccer fix in. Again I made my way back to the city as dusk was beginning to fall. I was becoming incredibly exhausted from all the walking but this day included one more stop to the famous Hofebrau Haus. This restaurant/bar is steeped in German history and culture with hearty food and liters of beer being enjoyed over polka music. I made my way back to the Hostel and called it a night.

I arose the next day and made my way over to the Englischer Gartens to visit my friend before my train left. Again this area was exquisite. A large field encompassed by trees and cut thru by a fast paced stream. This was obviously the place to be on a warm Sunday, especially if you were an old man and didn’t care for clothes while sunbathing. Let that sink in for a second. I made my way through the extensive gartens and came upon the Chineseturum and of course a good ol German beer garden. German music and dancing was everywhere and again I really felt tangible German culture. I saw my friend and then before I knew it is already time to leave for my train. Thanks for 25 great hours Munich.

My biggest take away from the quick trip was the deeply rooted German culture I witnessed. Brussels, as I said in an earlier post, is an extremely European city and thus I don’t really feel any rooted cultures per say. In Germany on the other hand German culture was everywhere I looked and l loved that. It also seemed fitting in relation to my classes as we talk about the European Union trying to create a European identity as opposed to a national one. It brought that debate to life and that is the magic of a study abroad.

P.S. If you want to see pictures of my journey just look up my Munich photo album on Facebook since I am making the assumption I am friends with you on facebook since you are here.