Cheers mates,

First, let me say I am sorry for my temporary hiatus. I was busy being busy or simply too tired to keep this updated frequently. My deepest apologies to all of you that derived your happiness and well being by living vicariously through my trip. So here’s your latest fix.

So my stay in Brussels ended splendidly, mainly because I got to see the Dark Knight Rises. Really though, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people and area to live and study in. Alas, all good things must end. Desolate and distraught, I headed to Brussels International Airport to board a plane back home to L town.

Jk, I boarded a train destined for London and the Olympics. Sorry, for that mix up.

That day, Saturday the 28th, I walked and tubed (The affectionate name for London’s metro) all over central London to get my bearings. Obviously, the first thing I did though was have Fish&Chips in a pub. When in Rome, right? The funniest thing that came of day was two Americans, after seeing my boisterous USA shirt, came up to me to ask for directions. Like, really? You are in a country where everyone speaks the same language as you, and you choose to ask the bright eyed and camera touting American tourist for directions. Ok, yeah that makes sense to me too. Anyway, after 6 hours of wandering around London I boarded another train destined for my Dad’s Cousin’s house just outside of Exeter, England. My parents joined me in this quaint town situated perfectly between the English countryside and the English Channel. It’s as breathtaking as it sounds. 

This served as and is serving as our home until Monday when we take off for Paris. After 4 weeks of school, studying, and exploring is extremely refreshing to cut out the first two activities and focus solely on the last and most exciting one. My body, noticing that I wasn’t living at a high octane pace anymore, crashed for the first few days of my stay. I am finally starting to feel my battery reaching 100% again. 

Thursday and Friday my parents and I made our way (for me) back to London. The only difference this time though I now had an impeccable knowledge of directions in London…or at least enough to get everywhere we wanted to go. Because this post has already dealt enough with the minutia and that ain’t my style yo I won’t bore you with more details. Highlights though were (aka do these if you happen to find yourself in London) the Tower of London, the London Eye, and my favorite of all, Westminster Abbey. We also made our way over to Olympic Park because of my USA basketball pipe dream. Unfortunately I had no luck in obtaining tickets to see my dream team and James Harden’s beard. Oh well. The two days were a great success in all other respects.

So now that I have got all the nitty gritty details out of the way I will return with more posts. Sorry I left you, but just like an old penny I have returned.